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When, if not now?

Are you in the midst of a midlife crisis? Don't you enjoy your retirement? Do you have conflicts in your relationship? Are you in grief because a loved one has left you?

These are important life transitions. You have to - you may! - look into the future to
- define your new identity
- give your life a new meaning
- recreate your relationship
- overcome your grief.

As your coach I will help you!

- You analyse your current situation.
- You leave your doubts behind you and gain emotional security.
- You allow yourself your dreams, wishes and hopes about your future
- You find your personal solutions and make them real.

Contact me for an orientation interview: info(at)coaching-for-change.com

I have written a book about this topic: "Das Ungelebte endlich leben". You find more information at: Coaching Bücher. Currently this book is only available in German.


Barbara Stieghan