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Couples Coaching

You both want to reinvent your partnership

Your partnership in midlife

After 15, 20 or 25 years of being together you can look back on a lot of mutually lived experience and adventures. A lot of beautiful things connect you. But you also conquered crises and illnesses together.

When you want to reinvent yourself in midlife, it is inevitable that this also influences your partnership. That can – but need not! - lead to a separation.

Your partnership in retirement
Whether you and your partner prepare for or start your retirement at the same time or with some years in-between – in both cases hitherto unknown conflicts can occur.

Examples are the new division of responsibilities at home or new interests and activities that you and your partner want to implement. In addition, you have to discuss the topic of nearness versus distance anew. Now you are together all the time. In the beginning that can be a joy. But unexpected problems may surface, if the needs and your partner differ largely in that area.

Your coaching for the future will both of you get started!

In spite of many differences between your life situation in midlife and before your retirement, similar topics may be on your mind.

Topics include for example
- What role conflicts do you have?
- How can you redefine your roles?
- What do you expect from your partner and from yourself?
- How pronounced are your needs for nearness and distance?
- Which new activities and interests do and your partner wish to pursue – alone or together?

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Barbara Stieghan