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                                Wünsche wertschätzen - Wandel wagen

Midlife - Reinventing yourself

Is that all there is? Or is the best yet to come?

If you are having a midlife crisis or not is for you to decide. Just ask yourself how you are.

- Do you think you are old now and think of your mortality? Or are you feeling young and have a lot of plans for your life?
- Have become the person you wanted to be? Or are you disappointed by yourself?
- Are you bored by your job? Or are you living your calling?
- Does you life have a meaning? Or do you lack a direction in you life?
- Is your partnership not what you want it to be? Or do you life your love?

What do you want to change in your life? Now is the right time to do it!

Your coaching for the future gets you started!

Topics we can talk about are for example

- How do you feel about your age?
- How satisfied are you with your profession?
- Which values and wishes help you to reinvent yourself?
- How much do you cherish your self-will to go your own way?
- What do you want to change in your partnership?

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Barbara Stieghan