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Midlife - Is that all there is?

Not everybody is affected by a midlife crisis. Still, it is worthwhile to take stock. Maybe you would like to answer yourself these questions to start with.

- Do you think you are old now? Or are you feeling young and energetic?
- Are you satisfied with yourself? Or are you disappointed by yourself?
- Are you bored by your job? Or are you living your calling?
- Do you want to give your life have a new meaning? Or do you know exactly what your future goals are?
- Is your relationship not what you want it to be? Or do you life your love?

Which dreams, wishes and hopes do you have for the second half of your life?

As your coach I will help you!

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I have written a book about this topic: "Midlife - Sich NEU finden". You can get more information at: Coaching Bücher. However, currently this book is only available in German.

Barbara Stieghan